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Apr 04 2014

RC1 – quick heads up


Hey guys and gals Today is the time we all should be enjoying RC1, but we postponed it a bit RC1 will be released on 2014-04-18 GA will be released on 2014-05-01 Why? We want to integrate the KDE 4.12.4 bugfix release and need a bit more time to make sure it works well. Also, not …

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Nov 08 2013

OpenMandriva Lx 2013.0 RC1 available for download

OpenMandriva Lx 2013

The OpenMandriva Association is glad to announce the release of OpenMandriva Lx 2013.0 RC1! RC1 brings many bugfixes since our beta release. The kernel version has been updated to 3.11.6, with several new patches focused on performance (such as BFS, BFQ, and UKSM). We’ve also provided up-to-date and stable user-space libraries and drivers with high …

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