Tag: Infrastructure

Mar 12 2016

TO MIRRORS PROVIDERS: please update sync origin

Hello all, this is a message for all friends, partners who kindly provide us a mirror hosting OpenMandriva packages and isos: As we now have our own ABF build system, all mirrors should sync from one of our T-1 mirror, Yandex or Ibiblio (which themselves are up to date with our ABF system) since this …

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Feb 28 2016

Attention: forums migration

Hi all! Already for a while we are preparing big infra changes, to have things organized better, more convenient for you. The first part is now coming: after a test period we migrate the forums Make sure to have an account! https://discourse.openmandriva.org/t/openmandriva-forum-migration/286 We’re planning migration of the official OpenMandriva forum from Vanilla to Discourse in …

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Jan 16 2016

Recent mailing list migration

We have successfully completed migration of all our mailing lists (MLs) to a new server. This should solve the problem of delayed email delivery that we have faced intermittently in the past. What went well? Configuration and member lists for each ML remain unaffected. What didn’t go well? Mail archives before Dec 31, 2015 are …

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Oct 28 2015

Discussions, forums, questions and answers

Hey again:) Folks, we are starting a new tool for forums, discussions, questions and answers. It offers a bunch of great features, and we need your help and opinions! Have a look here: https://discourse.openmandriva.org/ Please test it, explore, and let us know – what you like and what not? what works and what could have …

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Mar 25 2015

OpenMandriva website error? Please no worries! Update: all fixed!

Update: all fixed:) Enjoy as always! Hey folks Small technical announcement, the renewal of our website certificate is delayed 2-3 days due to technical payment issue on the provider side. Everything is in order, but during 2-3 days visiting our website with https will display an error (that can be simply ignored). No worries!:)   …

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Apr 04 2013

Infrastructure delays and current progress

It’s no mystery that there have been some delays on the infra front during the last few days. So I thought it prudent to publish an explanation. As per our last published development schedule, the Infra Team was on par for the first two weeks. But things got a bit slow as team members couldn’t …

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