Tag: Features

Mar 26 2014

command-not-found now available for OpenMandriva Lx

command-not-found, a tool that has been made for ROSA is now also available in OpenMandriva Lx repository (at this time, only development version). What is this package about? It may arrive that you need to launch a command inside a terminal, even if you’re a new user, sometimes things are done quicker with a simple …

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Mar 21 2014

Bug report tool for OpenMandriva Lx

Tomasz Paweł Gajc (TPG) annouced today in development mailing list that he created a simple shell script that will help in bug fixing process. It is called omv-bug-report. You can install it through rpmdrake, or by running urpmi omv-bug-report The script location will then be /usr/bin/omv-bug-report.sh Launching omv-bug-report.sh from a terminal will gather informations from: …

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Feb 22 2014

Much faster kernel – less than 10 sec

Hey-hey, hope all are going well through these last winter days in the North and through the heat of the summer in South:) Here is something from our Kernel Guru, NicCo: “After the implementation of the new disk I/O BFQv7r2, and all the other small fixes and tuneups around 3.12.x, we’ve noticed that with the …

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