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Feb 26 2016

FOSDEM and the news

Hi folks! We are sorry to have been silent for a while. We will speak to you more starting from now on:) We addressed communications topic and will be doing our best to keep you informed of all the news which come – and there is a lot in progress! For those who did not …

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Dec 20 2015

FOSDEM: save the date and visit our stand!

Hey folks:) It is not only about Christmas breaks (for those to whom applies;), but also about New Year plans! Save the dates, on 30-31 January, in Brussels, comes next FOSDEM and we are present with the stand again! (Proud to be there, the number of applicants raises every year) Come over and visit us, …

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Oct 28 2015

Many big news on the way!

Hi folks! Have not heard from us for a while? that’s because we were very busy preparing great news for you:) Some days ago OMA conducted a strategic meeting (this time in Krakow, Poland – beautiful city!!), and a whole bunch of important things were discussed and taken forward. To prepare and present them in …

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Aug 06 2015

OpenMandriva meeting: in person!


Hey folks! We think that personal contact is very important, and appreciate team meetings, should it be on large Open Source events or on more private, like OpenMandriva meeting, dedicated to discussing ways and strategies of utmost importance. Want to meet us? Eager to take part in important talks about our future ways? Like OpenMandriva …

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Jul 09 2014

Montpellier: heat and storms and OpenMandriva

OpenMandriva at Montpellier RMLL 2014

And yet comes another public appearance and another successful presentation of our team work! France greeted us with festivals and great weather, which improved specially for the RMLL weekend! You bet that our friends organizers are good Shamans:) That was especially important, since Linux exhibition south French style takes place outside! Our Kernel Shaman Nicco, the Magician TPG, the Spellbinder …

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May 24 2014

Chwido visiting OpenMandriva historical origin: Paris!

OpenMandriva at Solutions Linux 2014

Hey-hey! Chwido on air again, I keep on traveling, delivering presents to true Linux lovers, just like Santa – only that I work all round the year:) This time I was at Solutions Linux  http://www.solutionslinux.fr/  in Paris, historical origin city of OpenMandriva. Well, what to say, another two nice days! I was surprised to know …

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May 12 2014

OpenMandriva at LinuxTag in Berlin!

OpenMandriva LinuxTag 2014

Same time as our brazilian team was working at FISL, european contributors gathered at LinuxTag, where we had a booth and made presentations. The booth attracted a lot of attention, especially on the community day, and you bet that all visitors knew that we were there – our balloons were all over the place:) Big …

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May 12 2014

OpenMandriva – FISL 2014

FISL15 OpenMandriva

Hi all! Big thanks to our brazilian team, which made it all for FISL and presented our job to thousands of visitors of this great event! Raul Liota da Rosa, Marco Benatto, Alisson Ferreira, Paulo Andrade, Francisco Kaseker – thank you! And now the report from the event, submitted by Marco Benatto: Hi all, as …

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May 10 2014

LinuxTag in Berlin is in progress! Check out how we are doing!

OpenMandriva at LinuxTag 2014 Berlin

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May 01 2014

Curious?:) See first our presence at FLISOL in Brasilia and Curitiba! OMA is on the roadshow, more to come!

FLISOL in Brasilia and Curitiba

Linukiss, Diogo, Marco and Francisco – watch them not just coding, but spreading the word as well! Linukiss, Diogo, Marco and Francisco -nicht nur beim Code schreiben aber auch beim Bewerben der Distribution! Linukiss, Diogo, Marco y Francisco – Mírad que no solo están codificando, ¡están difundiendo la palabra también!