Jan 16 2016

Recent mailing list migration

We have successfully completed migration of all our mailing lists (MLs) to a new server. This should solve the problem of delayed email delivery that we have faced intermittently in the past. What went well? Configuration and member lists for each ML remain unaffected. What didn’t go well? Mail archives before Dec 31, 2015 are …

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Dec 20 2015

Server distro, new build system – stay tuned!

The first build of an OMLxs server distribution has been under test on two remopte servers for the last month supporting what will become our new abf. We recently made the switch from Centos when we started to see the occasional segfaults when running docker containers. The new server set up provides a stable environment …

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Dec 20 2015

FOSDEM: save the date and visit our stand!

Hey folks:) It is not only about Christmas breaks (for those to whom applies;), but also about New Year plans! Save the dates, on 30-31 January, in Brussels, comes next FOSDEM and we are present with the stand again! (Proud to be there, the number of applicants raises every year) Come over and visit us, …

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Nov 26 2015

Looking for some good yet free training? Check this out!

Hi folks! This year again OMA participates in VALS semester of code program, and you are welcome to join! We have selected a range of most interesting projects and activities for you, from simplest “Day to Day development – real life training” – and to advanced projects, involving new hardware pieces. Check out the list …

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Oct 28 2015

Discussions, forums, questions and answers

Hey again:) Folks, we are starting a new tool for forums, discussions, questions and answers. It offers a bunch of great features, and we need your help and opinions! Have a look here: https://discourse.openmandriva.org/ Please test it, explore, and let us know – what you like and what not? what works and what could have …

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Oct 28 2015

Many big news on the way!

Hi folks! Have not heard from us for a while? that’s because we were very busy preparing great news for you:) Some days ago OMA conducted a strategic meeting (this time in Krakow, Poland – beautiful city!!), and a whole bunch of important things were discussed and taken forward. To prepare and present them in …

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Sep 20 2015

Gaming – new arrivals! (more to come:)

Hey there! For a while we were working on a surprise for you, and here it comes: OpenMandriva launches gaming page!! Your favorite games on OpenMandriva? Now – quick and easy to setup and execute. Our talented and very much playing;) members created a portal to help you to install and execute most popular Windows …

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Sep 15 2015

New FAQ items arrived!

Interested how OMA works? What is cooker and council and how are they are related? How OMA takes decisions, how is funded and why was founded at all? Check out answers here! Have more questions? Feel free to ask them in comments or email to join@openmandriva.org Yours, OMA

Aug 30 2015

Tutorials coming soon


Hey folks Just a quick note to let you that we haven’t forgotten the tutorials we discussed with you! Work is ongoing, they will come! Stay tuned! Yours OMA

Aug 29 2015

Mandrake ->Mandriva -> The Scion: Your memories at its roots

OpenMandriva The Scion

Hi folks We hope you are enjoying The Scion, for the moment the freshest OpenMandriva release. We asked you a while ago to say why is it that you chose Mandrake? And your memories are great Let’s all enjoy them together! (More of your comments and memories you can see here) Bero “I was working …

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