Jul 10 2016

Check out OpenMandriva Lx3 Beta2 System walkthrough!

Beautiful and so fresh!

Jul 03 2016

Shining design – available and yet as well to come!

OpenMandriva Lx 3.0

Hey there! Answering your questions about the background theme, we should say that we love make surprises – just like you to get them 🙂 The current vibrant coloured bg/theme is not the final one we’re going to release in GA. It has been intended for celebrating the new (and great) Plasma5, the default OMLx3 …

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Jun 27 2016

OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 Beta2 is here!

OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 RC1

Hey-hey!! It was worth waiting for it, we promise! OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 Beta2 is now ready! Here, check out why: This second beta has concentrated on improved stability and performance and now, for the first time, has accommodation for the Chinese and Japanese languages using fcitx to support their input methods. OpenMandriva is a cutting …

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May 26 2016

EU commission continues towards killing link tax

The EU commission is at it – they’re trying to make something as simple as a link a copyright violation. https://openmedia.org/en/despite-strong-opposition-link-tax-european-commission-continues-pursue-policy https://openmedia.org/en/eu-commission-continues-slow-march-towards-innovation-killing-link-tax https://openmedia.org/en/eu-commission-and-terrible-no-good-very-bad-idea There may still be a chance to prevent them from doing the worst – https://savethelink.org/eu They’re also looking for more organizations to support them (and it doesn’t require a donation) https://savethelink.org/join We …

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May 12 2016

GCC 6.1 vs. LLVM Clang 3.9 Compiler Performance

Phoronix published a review about GCC vs Clang performances. OpenMandriva is currently the only distribution that uses Clang as main compiler. Though there is no clear difference between both compilers, that proves, at least, that we are not wrong using it 🙂

May 11 2016

Cooker news Week 19-2016


GitHub has been forked to Lx3 and the repos will be cloned after the creation of 12 new packages and their dependencies for KDEapps. The problem of migrating from the 2014 to the Lx3 release was discussed and an action raised for the creation of a script to allow this upgrade path. If all goes …

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May 04 2016

Cooker news Week 18-2016


– The release of a potential beta2/rc is waiting for the completion of the kde16.04 apps packages; a rebuild of poppler and it’s dependencies which will fix crashes when using form data. It is hoped that fixes for a Calamares installer issue will also be incorporated. When the two major items are complete the repo …

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Apr 28 2016

OpenMandriva-PoliLinux business cooperation


Hey folks! We are glad and proud to announce, that our cooperation with Brazilian PoliLinux company continues, bringing benefits and positive results on both sides. PoliLinux was created not long ago, but yet has a history, many of its employees coming from Conectiva company. PoliLinux is offering OEM, custom solutions, server solutions and support services …

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Apr 28 2016

Dev news week 17 – 2016


– Cooker is not updating properly due to huge (50 package) change to kdepim the major work is done and things should return to normal in a day or so. Once this is complete lx3 will be branched. – QA Procedures. A preliminary discussion. We need to make sure that all have common understanding of …

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Apr 27 2016

Now more: F2FS support for cooker and 2014.x!!

Hi all! Great news, our project manager Tomasz Pawel Gajc (TPG) has added F2FS support for cooker and 2014.x In short words F2FS is a filesystem designed for Solid State disks. It gives great performance over other filesystems. More info -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F2FS Cooker: * fs2fs-tools available and by default pulled on iso * kernel-release F2FS …

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