Feb 19 2013

Well, what is the state of the association ?

As you may know it, our sponsor, Mr. Leonid Reiman, has made 10 servers available to us, and another sponsor, “ROSA” company is providing full collocation services for those. Servers would be used for development, web services (blog, forum, wiki, mailing lists,…). Our thanks goes out to them and we take this support as a …

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Jan 28 2013

Membership subscriptions open and Extraordinary General Meeting

1) Yesterday, the council opened membership subscriptions to the OpenMandriva Association. Anyone wanting to be a member can now send a mail to council@openmandriva.org giving their name and the reason why they would like to be part of the OpenMandriva Association. There is no requirement of being a developer or of being involved day-to-day activities, …

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Jan 24 2013

OpenMandriva Association “Get a face!” Competition

Get a face!

The OpenMandriva Association is moving forward, and now is the time to have a new logo/image. We are starting a competition to find the best logo for the Association. The competition will be open for 30 days, ending on 22nd of February. The theme of this competition is based on our core values: freedom, openness …

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Jan 08 2013


Hi everybody and Happy New Year! Regarding the servers: 10 servers are purchased and delivered to data-centers. 8 in Zurich and 2 in Paris (for website, communities etc). We ran into the New Year celebration, with dates crossing in involved countries, so the process is not over yet. The team, working on installation, should pass …

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Jan 03 2013

[Imported] OpenMandriva is officially incorporated!

OpenMandriva is officially incorporated! Originally posted on 3 January 2013 by cschulz That’s it, folks, that’s the real deal. The statutes we had submitted to the French authorities have been approved, which means that the OpenMandriva Association is now fully incorporated and functional. Translation from the French Authority registration Act: « Statement to the prefecture …

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Dec 28 2012

OpenMandriva.org slowly opening doors (and wishing you a Happy New Year 2013)

Tux is wishing you an Happy New Year 2013

Hello folks. This is the first blog post on OpenMandriva.org. This website is still a work in progress, but the goal is to start gathering all our information that is scattered at several places, and get it all here (at OpenMandriva.org), which is the domain name of the OpenMandriva Association. Until now, you had to …

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Dec 10 2012

[Imported] Soon: the forum will be closed – the new one will be launched

Soon: the forum will be closed – the new one will be launched! Originally posted on 10 December 2012 by JCVanier The Mandriva Forum will soon be closed and a new forum will be launched. Since Mandriva SA decided to turn over the distribution to a Foundation, the forum and the wiki, currently hosted by …

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Oct 30 2012

[Imported] OpenMandriva to be 1901 French Association

OpenMandriva to be 1901 French Association Originally posted on 30 October 2012 by JAPatricio After long discussion and analysis of different options, OpenMandriva will be a French Association de Loi 1901, a standard french NGO. This means that the total freedom and independence of the project is guaranteed. A lawyer will be working on the formal and legal …

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Oct 15 2012

[Imported] Foundation name : OpenMandriva

Foundation name : OpenMandriva Originally posted on 15 October 2012 by JCVanier Hello to all. Finally, the name of the foundation is now fixed : OpenMandriva. That matches both : the result of the poll done and the wish of Mdv SA Thus, the parentage remains clear for everyone. Please, notice that is only the …

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Sep 19 2012

[Imported] Release the Alpha Dog

Release the Alpha Dog Originally posted on 19 September 2012 by JAPatricio Per Øyvind Karlsen, the project leader for Mandriva Linux 2012 Development, just announced the release of the first Mandriva Linux 2012 Alpha, codenamed – Tenacious Underdog. The new Alpha offers: Faster, smaller and much improved installer; Text mode Installer; A slimmer and much …

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