May 12 2014

OpenMandriva – FISL 2014!

Hi all! Big thanks to our brazilian team, which made it all for FISL and presented our job to thousands of visitors of this great event!

Raul Liota da Rosa, Marco Benatto, Alisson Ferreira, Paulo Andrade, Francisco Kaseker – thank you!

And now the report from the event, submitted by Marco Benatto:

Hi all,

as most of you know OpenMandriva was present on FISL15 @ Porto Alegre – Brazil, one of world’s biggest Free Software Conferences. We had a chance to be there as a OpenMandriva User’s Group Community and promoted some actions to spread the OpenMandriva Association words such as:
* Distributing DVD’s and USB sticks containing OMV2014.0;
* Installing OMV2014.0 on ppl’s machines;
* Distributing T-Shirts from association;
* Distributing Stickers from OpenMandriva;
* Distributing flyers explaining ppl about how to join us;
* Joining a talk about Linux distributions, taking part with Slackware, Mageia, Debian, Fedora and Mint guys on this talk;

It was quite more impressive than the last year to see people coming to us asking about how to join the community, also a few people coming to us asking for help to install OMV2014.0 on their machines. Seems OMA community is getting bigger and bigger, in a rougly talk we had a very good feedback from people there about the system. Many of them really liked the system and thought it fast and simple!

For those who want to see how this Linux Distribution talks was you can refer to thw follow link: http://hemingway.softwarelivre.org/fisl15/high/41e/sala41e-high-201405081704.ogv

Unfortunately it’s only in pt-BR.

Cheers all, and let’s keep the good work :)


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