May 24 2014

Chwido visiting OpenMandriva historical origin: Paris!


Chwido on air again, I keep on traveling, delivering presents to true Linux lovers, just like Santa – only that I work all round the year:)

This time I was at Solutions Linux  http://www.solutionslinux.fr/  in Paris, historical origin city of OpenMandriva.

Well, what to say, another two nice days! I was surprised to know that many French people did not know, that OpenMandriva is long time back on feet and moving quite fast! The good news is – they know now, and the news was taken very-very well!

But apart from “being back there” and offering you fresh and exciting product, what exactly is it, what  OpenMandriva inspires you with?

We had 4 main speakers this time, and they all had personal selection of “what exactly to tell out of all that bunch of interesting stuff, which we do”.

NicCo had his story (and was telling in a truly emotional, truly italian way:):

“We showed a demo,  where into up to 9 different desktops were running different heavy tasks, some of these were videogames, libreoffice docs, HD videos, realtime webcam capture, a resource monitor to verify the current status, and also virtual machines executing different MS Windows versions (XP, 7, 8.1) and even Apple Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.3. Everything has worked concurrently with amazing smoothness and absolutely none stress for the hardware, with the cpu remaining cold and quiet (less than 10% resources load), with no issues during the event – all day long.

That all showed great, absolutely new and unique capacity of Openmandriva Lx 2014 and its inner nrjQL core, that in its heavily customized version of kernel 3.13.11, is behaving with a very low latency in every aspect, with a great overall stability, and is acting as in a realtime mode, whether if with such a complex multitasking, and in presence of so heavy virtualization.”

Bero was all about ARM:

“It’s great to finally have an ARM port ready to demo. Devices with ARM processors are getting more and more common, and strong enough to run a real desktop environment such as LXQt or even a full-fledged KDE. OpenMandriva Lx does a great job on ARM, in parts because it uses the Linaro toolchain.

We’ve shown OpenMandriva Lx running on the Samsung Chromebook at Solutions Linux – most people who looked at it didn’t even realize it was an ARM device until we put up a sign explaining the demo.

We also have an Aarch64 port in the works, but unfortunately we don’t currently have any hardware to run it on.”

Ashledombos and Jclvanier had their own story:

Ashledombos: “What was really impressive is the interest people showed to our stand, some were just curious because they did not know anything about OpenMandriva (we spent a lot of time summarizing the story of our creation :). Some were excited, even amazed by our demos.

We noticed that many were asking questions about a possible lighter alternative version of Lx, not memory hungry and energy-efficient, for old computers or netbooks, this is where the demo of LXQt by Bero interested them.

This was also quite an emotional moment, because we have seen lot of people we used to discuss and cooperate with, during the Mandriva days. We can also say that we have met new friends, and maybe future partners or contributors. There has been lot of technical discussions with other projects, sometimes for sharing knowledge and expertise, sometimes just friendly advices. All that would be difficult to summarize in few words, but all these topics are added in our new https://project.openmandriva.org/ website.”

Jclvanier:  “I have nothing special to add (thanks to the preceding writers who did all the work!). The two days were very busy. Yes, people there were all very kinds in a warm atmosphere. Special thanks to the organizers who welcome us in a professional though friendly way.
We spent a bit of time to copy the iso in the 8 Gb USB sticks that people found very interesting. Some people tried them on site. Only one netbook refused to display the graphical desktop in live mode because of the lack of ram.
Otherwise, I think we have found a good mail manager with modoboa (that you can try here) . It will be easier to let the teams managed, themselves, their own mailboxes”.

There were also very interesting stands, which I visited not only to check out for treats, but for what they had to say and show! It was a special pleasure to be at “Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre”, “Modoboa”, “KDE”, “Mageia”, “Starinux”, “Framasoft”, “Tux Family”, “Linux Azur”, “Linuxfr” and “FreeBSD” places at Solutions Linux.

See you soon guys, I keep on traveling!

Next stop: Montpellier, wait for me!!   https://2014.rmll.info/?lang=en

We will be there! - ImgursM8EBXF - ImgurnRtSRoW - ImgurIMG_1277IMG_1274IMG_1259IMG_1258IMG_1257IMG_1256IMG_1250IMG_1249

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  1. Zee

    It looks like Microsoft will be attending the conference at http://www.solutionslinux.fr/ to decide who to kill and what they can steal. Sad.

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