Apr 07 2014

Beta impressions: “I did not think that having such a fluid and fast Linux system was possible!”

With smile and thank you we quote Yannick Comte impressions of the 2014.0 OMA Beta:

“After a big crash of my Kubuntu 14.04, I decided to give a chance to the latest OpenMandriva beta . You know without doubt that I love distributions based on Mandrake/Mandriva and I said and wrote many good things about Mageia . What could I say after an initial rapid use of OpenMandriva? Well, I did not think that having such a fluid and fast Linux system was possible! I did not think any more than we could have a so good integration of KDE! In fact there is a little “Gnome-ish” stuff inside, even “Windows 8 Metro-ish” … The button at the bottom left will open this great dark panel with favorite applications. From here you can access the file navigator. It is also possible to list the applications with the tabs above. Obviously the conventional use of the office is still possible, we are on KDE.

A point of interest is that by default, a lot of KDE crap is not included, which makes the system very fast. Reading the OpenMandriva blog, I see that there is a specific kernel version, optimized for faster boot. Indeed, in 10 seconds I’m on my Linux desktop even though I’m using hard drive tray. My Kubuntu well took 1 minutes to be usable, there in less than 10 seconds I’m on KDM. With an SSD it must be fantastic. This is a beta version, all is not rosy either, but after this little discovery, I truly believe in the potential of this distribution , which aims to be more than that in reality.

If all goes well , I will write an article because I’m very excited right now :)”




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