Feb 28 2014

Thank you and congrats with great job well done!

All of OpenMandriva would like to say big Thank You to our developers team, who did a great job for Alpha2!

We also congratulate Tomasz (TPG) on his role as a project manager. He has done an excellent job in maintaining the focus of the development team in what was to turn out to be a huge amount of work. The work started out with a newly released gcc, followed by a rebuild of the Main repository which resulted in 829 failed packages, a new version of KDE and a completely broken Java Stack.

What we have now is only around 100 failed packages (some of them redundant no doubt), A Java stack that works well enough to install the Eclipse development environment; which means it works very well indeed!. A fully rebuilt release of KDE 4.12.2. In addition to all this there is a new and attractive theme and a kernel release that is only days old.

A Virtual Toast to the team!


  1. Blacky

    *thumps up* ! Now lets see what’s the say brings :)
    and, i looking forward to the Alfa 2 … jupppyyyy :)

    best regards

  2. ben79

    Great job TPG. And also I like the graphics.

  3. chaosphere

    Just installed Alpha2. Very nice! It will be my distro on the desktop computer for sure.

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