Category: Updates

Mar 05 2013

OpenMandriva’s Web Development is On a Roll

Lots been going on within the infra team lately. We recently got a couple of brand new servers, courtesy Mr. Leonid Reiman, and have been busy at work configuring them in order to get them ready to host the main website and all associated webservices. Thanks to all infra team members, we are in a very …

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Feb 23 2013

“Get a face!” Competition at the finish line

View the entire set of logo submissions in the imgur album titled Get a Face!. First of all, we would like to thank everyone who participated and submitted their proposals to the OpenMandriva Association. Now the next phase shall commence, starting with the verification of proposals that are valid and compliant, including making sure these …

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Feb 19 2013

Well, what is the state of the association ?

As you may know it, our sponsor, Mr. Leonid Reiman, has made 10 servers available to us, and another sponsor, “ROSA” company is providing full collocation services for those. Servers would be used for development, web services (blog, forum, wiki, mailing lists,…). Our thanks goes out to them and we take this support as a …

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Jan 28 2013

Membership subscriptions open and Extraordinary General Meeting

1) Yesterday, the council opened membership subscriptions to the OpenMandriva Association. Anyone wanting to be a member can now send a mail to giving their name and the reason why they would like to be part of the OpenMandriva Association. There is no requirement of being a developer or of being involved day-to-day activities, …

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Jan 08 2013


Hi everybody and Happy New Year! Regarding the servers: 10 servers are purchased and delivered to data-centers. 8 in Zurich and 2 in Paris (for website, communities etc). We ran into the New Year celebration, with dates crossing in involved countries, so the process is not over yet. The team, working on installation, should pass …

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