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Jul 31 2014

OpenMandriva 2013.0 Lx End of Life

OpenMandriva Lx 2013

Support and updates for the OpenMandriva-2013.0 release will cease on the release of the OpenMandriva-2014.1 update which will occur early August. The release of these new isos will, we hope be an ideal opportunity for you to update or re-install your existing versions. Remember that is is quite straightforward to update or completely re-install the …

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Jun 08 2014

Wallpaper contest! Have your say!

OpenMandriva wallpaper contest

“James T. Kirk: There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere…”  Star Trek – The Motion Picture (1966) The next release of OpenMandriva is cooking. Like any other tasty release it needs the best ingredients. That’s why we are opening a contest to choose 10 wallpapers to make it even more crazy beautiful, and we …

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May 14 2014

Symbolic, fresh like wind, clear as water

OpenMandriva 2014 Prague clock

Ever wondered, why our artwork team, led by Rugyada’s taste, talent and dedication, selects particularly these images? Is there a topic to the release, are there hidden messages? There are! For example, have you noticed the Prague astronomic clock – a hidden symbol, reminding the team of our wonderful strategic meeting in Prague, inspiring and giving …

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May 04 2014

Gaël Duval reviews OpenMandriva!


Dear Gaël! All of OMA team is very glad, that you take an interest of what we do and what we produced, and thanks you for your time to write the review and your attention! “… OpenMandriva Lx 2014.0 seems to be quite solid and finished. It’s a level of quality that can only be achieved …

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May 01 2014

“A Breath of Fresh Air with a KDE Soul”* – OpenMandriva­ Lx 2014 is burning free!

OpenMandriva­ Lx 2014.0 Phosphorus

“Who know whether we’ll ever see that phosphorus and mind bond together” “Histoire de la peinture en Italie”, Stendhal All of us in the OpenMandriva Community are pleased to announce the release of OpenMandriva­ Lx 2014.0 Phosphorus! This release is the culmination of a huge effort by our community to bring a fresh, new release …

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May 01 2014

Phosphorus?.. It is just a breathe away!!


Apr 18 2014

RC1 is released!

OpenMandriva Lx 2014

Phosphorous burns very hot and very fast and is the perfect name for our latest RC1 release of OpenMandriva Lx. This release candidate has been optimised for boot speed and you will find our latest kernel release that will ensure that you will be able to interact seamlessly with the new KDE-4.12.4 that has been …

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Apr 07 2014

Beta impressions: “I did not think that having such a fluid and fast Linux system was possible!”


With smile and thank you we quote Yannick Comte impressions of the 2014.0 OMA Beta: “After a big crash of my Kubuntu 14.04, I decided to give a chance to the latest OpenMandriva beta . You know without doubt that I love distributions based on Mandrake/Mandriva and I said and wrote many good things about …

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Apr 04 2014

RC1 – quick heads up


Hey guys and gals Today is the time we all should be enjoying RC1, but we postponed it a bit RC1 will be released on 2014-04-18 GA will be released on 2014-05-01 Why? We want to integrate the KDE 4.12.4 bugfix release and need a bit more time to make sure it works well. Also, not …

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Mar 26 2014

command-not-found now available for OpenMandriva Lx

command-not-found, a tool that has been made for ROSA is now also available in OpenMandriva Lx repository (at this time, only development version). What is this package about? It may arrive that you need to launch a command inside a terminal, even if you’re a new user, sometimes things are done quicker with a simple …

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