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Mar 05 2015

Here comes OpenMandriva image for Raspberry Pi2!

Hi folks! Good and interesting news for you! Our genius Fedya made a simple omv image for Raspberry Pi2. Img file contains minimal openmandriva cooker system for armv7, without any graphics, works fine. just do sudo dd if=pi2-omv.img of=/dev/[your_device] bs=1M and edit /etc/fstab to make root partition writable. Enjoy! Hi folks! Good and interesting …

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Feb 16 2015

96boards goes public

Hey folks! OpenMandriva is glad to announce news from our friends from Linaro Connect, who have announced the 96boards project to the public! This means 2 pieces of good news — first, it means there’s finally some cheap Aarch64 hardware available to the public, and 2nd, OpenMandriva gets one for our usage! This will …

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Feb 09 2015

OpenMandriva to have a new installer for the 2015 Release

We are pleased to announce that we are supporting and contributing to the Calamares project Calamares is a distribution independent Linux installer which features a modernistic graphical design and a modular approach to installation tasks. It will be the default installer for the 2015 release. Have a look, enjoy, comment, join! Wir freuen uns, …

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Feb 08 2015

“How to trace a cat to the tree and keep it up there” by Chwido ..oops. No. “OMA’s switch to clang” by Bero: interested? got questions? we got answers!

Enjoy the presentation of our release manager, brightest developer and great mascot-keeper Bero at FOSDEM, “OpenMandriva switching to clang”! the presentation of our release manager, brightest developer and great mascot-keeper Bero at FOSDEM, “OpenMandriva switching to clang”! the presentation of our release manager, brightest developer and great mascot-keeper Bero at FOSDEM, …

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Feb 03 2015

Pre-Alpha OMA Lx3 is here – hot and fresh!

Why pre-Alpha? Because we are eager to deliver you the freshest and hottest, and with your help this new release can start shining brighter even sooner! Have fun, report bugs, enjoy! You can download pre-Alpha here Please check out the release notes here. So what is in? Desktop The oma-welcome, or Welcome to OpenMandriva …

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Jan 09 2015

Invest into the free world – participate in our campaign!

Hello-hello!   And here it comes, OpenMandriva starts crowdfunding campaign to maintain infrastructure and you are most welcome to support your distro! Please visit our campaign page on Indiegogo and we thank you in advance for your contribution! (a list of our perks you can see on the campaign page;)         We …

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Dec 31 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2015

Frohes neues Jahr an alle unsere Freunde. Möge 2015 erfolgreich sein, euch reich beschenken und Glück und Freude bringen. Frohes neues Jahr. Euer OpenMandriva Team Bonne année à tous nos amis ! Que 2015 soit couronnée de succès, prospère et vous apporte la chance et le bonheur ! Bonne Année !! Toujours vôtre, l’équipe OpenMandriva …

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Dec 22 2014

2015.0 Alpha delayed


Hey folks! We know you expected Alpha today to have some fun after the Christmas fuzz is over, but we have to share that it is delayed till January 15th. Reasons? Hardware taking an early holiday and KDE Plasma 5 simply isn’t ready yet (and making a 4.x based release for testing doesn’t make that …

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Dec 02 2014

Wandering OpenMandriva, part 4: France!

A little late, but the November issue of the French Linux Magazine “Linux Identity Kit” included a DVD with OpenMandriva Lx and a 24 pages guide. We proudly read that OpenMandriva has a “seductive desktop environment”. Thank you! 🙂 Un peu tard, mais le numéro de Novembre du magazine Linux français “Linux Identity Kit” inclut …

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Nov 26 2014

QA and bug fixing: team growth!

Hey-hey! Guys and gals, we hope that life treats you well, wherever you are and whatever you do you’ll be pleased to hear that we have some good news to share! OpenMandriva is approaching its 2nd anniversary and together with you we’ve done a great job, and now we are heading for new horizons! The …

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