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Jun 23 2015

i586 – we follow your say


Hey guys and gals Some days ago a members and community poll regarding i586 was finished. (You can see details here   67% of the participants have said, that they are in favor to support i586 further. So we do! In 1 year we will have another same poll and see how things go. Should …

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Jun 12 2015

Tribute release: your comments creativity!

Hello, OMA on the wire:) Folks, we are preparing the Mandrake tribute release, and many of you probably would wish to say few words. We would be glad to be your mouthpiece;) Please check out the forums and your thoughts are welcome!

Jun 12 2015

New President is here!

  Hey folks!   OpenMandriva members have elected the council (to be able to vote and influence things – apply for membership:), and yesterday council was agreeing on the bureau (president, treasurer, secretary). In full consensus it was agreed that new OpenMandriva President becomes Colin Close (aka Itchka). As a head of QA team he …

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Jun 05 2015

UPDATED: Should OpenMandriva keep supporting i586?

That was the main question we asked OpenMandriva Association (OMA) Members and now want to ask all the community. The OMA members said Yes – Keep supporting it (56%), presenting as the main reasons that we need to keep supporting legacy technology that is still widely used around the world, specially in development countries that …

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Jun 05 2015

Look! It’s the OpenMandriva Council Election Results

The elections for the OpenMandriva Association Council are finished, counted the votes here are the results. To the nine persons that will integrate the OpenMandriva Council for the next two years – Klebedeff, Bero, RJadot, Rugyada, TPG, JCL, Itchka, Fedya and Avokhmin – Welcome!

May 19 2015

Have your say! New tutorials arrival coming soon

Update: our apologies to non-members!  Link for your ideas is now at the bottom of the post Hey everybody Please pay attention to this poll. If you are a user, a contributor, or if you “just yet watch” us for now, we would love to hear, which aspects of our development process (and other processes …

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May 09 2015

Raffle results, prizes arriving!

Hey guys and gals! Some time ago we ran a crowdfunding campaign to support our infrastructure, and along with perks for contributions, we announced 3 prizes for sharing information about the campaign on Facebook. Here come the winners! Congratulations! Clément Clarisse Mario Karl Moles Stephen Lemos Winners, please contact us in private message in Facebook or through to …

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May 07 2015

Missing some good read? Have a look here

Great guys from Linux voice magazine have recently published another good report about FOSDEM, featuring OpenMandriva’s stand news as well. In case you missed the story – enjoy now!    

Mar 25 2015

OpenMandriva website error? Please no worries! Update: all fixed!

Update: all fixed:) Enjoy as always! Hey folks Small technical announcement, the renewal of our website certificate is delayed 2-3 days due to technical payment issue on the provider side. Everything is in order, but during 2-3 days visiting our website with https will display an error (that can be simply ignored). No worries!:)   …

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Mar 05 2015

Last campaign days! Contribute now!

Hey folks! You were waiting to the last days to contribute to our funding campaign? These days have come, it is the chance to support infrastructure and popularization of your distro – and enjoy the perks we offer! Every contribution, no matter the size, counts! Thank you for your support! folks! You were waiting …

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