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Sep 20 2015

Gaming – new arrivals! (more to come:)

Hey there! For a while we were working on a surprise for you, and here it comes: OpenMandriva launches gaming page!! Your favorite games on OpenMandriva? Now – quick and easy to setup and execute. Our talented and very much playing;) members created a portal to help you to install and execute most popular Windows …

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Sep 15 2015

New FAQ items arrived!

Interested how OMA works? What is cooker and council and how are they are related? How OMA takes decisions, how is funded and why was founded at all? Check out answers here! Have more questions? Feel free to ask them in comments or email to Yours, OMA

Aug 30 2015

Tutorials coming soon


Hey folks Just a quick note to let you that we haven’t forgotten the tutorials we discussed with you! Work is ongoing, they will come! Stay tuned! Yours OMA

Aug 29 2015

Mandrake ->Mandriva -> The Scion: Your memories at its roots

OpenMandriva The Scion

Hi folks We hope you are enjoying The Scion, for the moment the freshest OpenMandriva release. We asked you a while ago to say why is it that you chose Mandrake? And your memories are great Let’s all enjoy them together! (More of your comments and memories you can see here) Bero “I was working …

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Aug 19 2015

OpenMandriva added as officialy supported distro to wandboard download page!

openmandriva wandboard

OpenMandriva added as officialy supported distro to wandboard download page! Here! What else to say?:)

Aug 06 2015

OpenMandriva meeting: in person!


Hey folks! We think that personal contact is very important, and appreciate team meetings, should it be on large Open Source events or on more private, like OpenMandriva meeting, dedicated to discussing ways and strategies of utmost importance. Want to meet us? Eager to take part in important talks about our future ways? Like OpenMandriva …

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Aug 02 2015

Missing out on good videos?


Here is something new, enjoy!  

Aug 01 2015

Bug Blaster Day!


Hi folks! Developers, bug hunters, interested users: this post is for all of you! OpenMandriva plans to launch a Bug Blaster day, the Big Bug squashing day, to be held on our IRC channel #openmandriva-qa on Freenode IRC (date and time to be announced) We get together developers and users and focus on a specific …

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Jul 19 2015

Raffle prizes sent out – look out for more!

Hey there! Hope you are having nice weather wherever you are (no matter if it is summer or winter for you:)! OpenMandriva had a raffle on Facebook, and now prizes are sent to winners! Want to have some souvenirs as well? Watch out for our new raffles and competitions, more coming very soon!

Jul 13 2015

Enjoy another video of the Scion release!

omlx2014.2review Yours, OMA P.S. Our grateful thanks go to the author, whose name we could not spot, but will gladly announce, when he contacts us:)