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Apr 01 2016

Cooker news Week 13-2016


Full log A new beta release will be shared this Sunday and will be candidate to QA (Quality Assurance) Team validation. Not much change since last meetings: additional bug fixes, removal of Plasma 5 in favour of WindowMaker as default environment. Good test!

Mar 23 2016

Cooker news Week 12-2016


Hi folks! Last mile! OMLx is getting Plasma 5.6 upgrade, getting a lot of fixes. This is the last upgrade, breaking the freeze, though this breakage was planned, for the case if Plasma update comes on time (as it did). Beta ISO should be ready for QA testing before the end of the week

Mar 20 2016

Our new ABF vs previous one!;)

Do you already have an account at our Automated Build Farm (ABF)? Check it out! What is the difference to previous one? Look for yourself! More than a thousand words. 361KB pagesize vs 1.15. And we dropped all unused code from js. Coming soon: fail reason for a build, like it was on kenobi.mandriva …

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Mar 17 2016

Cooker news Week 11-2016


Agenda Full log Kernel and Hardware During the release report there was a discussion about hardware issues. The intel i915 driver has been causing issue for people for some time now. In particular some laptops which utilise dual graphics adapters for power saving. This problem shows itself continuous rebooting. Later kernels appear to perform better …

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Mar 14 2016

Cooker news Week 10-2016


Agenda Full log 1. Main cooler repos are now in good shape 2. A new iso has been issued for QA approval for beta some boot and issues were found that need fixing so this candidate was not accepted. 3. As the repos are now in good shape the process of connecting the new ABF …

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Mar 12 2016

TO MIRRORS PROVIDERS: please update sync origin

Hello all, this is a message for all friends, partners who kindly provide us a mirror hosting OpenMandriva packages and isos: As we now have our own ABF build system, all mirrors should sync from one of our T-1 mirror, Yandex or Ibiblio (which themselves are up to date with our ABF system) since this …

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Mar 05 2016

Thank you Github!

Hi! We are very glad to announce that OpenMandriva Association got granted with a Bronze Plan forever from Thank you Github for supporting non-profit organizations !!!

Mar 02 2016

So.. when is OMLx3 Beta coming?


Hi folks! We have made a huge job to deliver you all the best possible, and now time is approaching:) So when Beta comes? Simple: once we fix these show-stoppers! We work hard, and you are welcome to join! Just join our irc channel @freenode #openmandriva-cooker, or send your offer to cooker ML: a …

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Mar 01 2016

Our Build Farm (ABF) gets permanently improved, get an account and check out awesome features!

Today we have another good news from our ARM genius Fedya, check this out: “Today i enabled on HTTP2 * HTTP/2 protocol is multiplexed which means that multiple requests can use the same TCP connection and thus website assets can be requested in parallel. HTTP/1, in contrast, requires each request to use its own …

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Feb 29 2016

New ABF and project news – reflected in Pro-Linux

Hi folks Missing good read? Check out the Pro Linux report about new ABF of OpenMandriva and other project news! Here Have fun!