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May 01 2014

Curious?:) See first our presence at FLISOL in Brasilia and Curitiba! OMA is on the roadshow, more to come!

FLISOL in Brasilia and Curitiba

Linukiss, Diogo, Marco and Francisco – watch them not just coding, but spreading the word as well! Linukiss, Diogo, Marco and Francisco -nicht nur beim Code schreiben aber auch beim Bewerben der Distribution! Linukiss, Diogo, Marco y Francisco – Mírad que no solo están codificando, ¡están difundiendo la palabra también!

May 01 2014

Phosphorus?.. It is just a breathe away!!


Apr 16 2014

Major blocker? OpenWomandriva

Hey there, we had a major blocker today discovered! Sister of our release manager, Bero, has complaints, quoting Bero: “There’s another major blocker we need to fix before releasing. My sister is complaining that it’s evil to call a product openMANdriva, and she’d much rather use openWOMANdriva. We absolutely need to make 2 releases with …

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Apr 15 2014

Loomio campaign, jump in!

Hello all!   Our friends from Loomio, who provide a lean, nice and efficient tool for making decisions are running a crowd financing campaign. It is just 2 days left to participate – do so, if you love their job! Reminder: Loomio hosts OMA since the beginning ! Hallo zusammen! Unsere Freunde von Loomio, …

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Apr 07 2014

Beta impressions: “I did not think that having such a fluid and fast Linux system was possible!”


With smile and thank you we quote Yannick Comte impressions of the 2014.0 OMA Beta: “After a big crash of my Kubuntu 14.04, I decided to give a chance to the latest OpenMandriva beta . You know without doubt that I love distributions based on Mandrake/Mandriva and I said and wrote many good things about …

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Apr 04 2014

RC1 – quick heads up


Hey guys and gals Today is the time we all should be enjoying RC1, but we postponed it a bit RC1 will be released on 2014-04-18 GA will be released on 2014-05-01 Why? We want to integrate the KDE 4.12.4 bugfix release and need a bit more time to make sure it works well. Also, not …

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Apr 01 2014

Free updates reward for downloads

OMA Team is proud to announce that for all downloads done today, free updates will be given for all the next year. To get the special activation string for this great offer, please enter this commande in Konsole (bash): echo -e ‘\n~~~ >>\010=°\x29> ~~~\n’ Enjoy 🙂  

Apr 01 2014

Migrating our webserver to IIS

Hello, Even though Apache and nGinx are good servers, they really lack some important feature, and are not easy to configure. After long discussion, we finally decided to use IIS as our main web server. This will need of course to have a Windows server image, but it’s not as expensive as before and has …

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Apr 01 2014

OpenMandriva goes to largest LATAM Linux event – FISL!

We are proud to announce, that OpenMandriva became one of selected groups to be represented at FISL – very  large and interesting Linux event in Brazil. Check out our stand there on 7-10 May and follow the reports here. Nós estamos orgulhosos em anunciar que o OpenMandriva faz parte de um seleto grupo que marcará …

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Mar 26 2014

command-not-found now available for OpenMandriva Lx

command-not-found, a tool that has been made for ROSA is now also available in OpenMandriva Lx repository (at this time, only development version). What is this package about? It may arrive that you need to launch a command inside a terminal, even if you’re a new user, sometimes things are done quicker with a simple …

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