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Oct 31 2013

The Flavor of Freedom: Wallpaper Contest [part 2]

OpenMandriva wallpaper contest

Giving stars to visual freedom spices Time has come to pick up the winners from the Flavor of Freedom contest. How to vote? It’s pretty easy, just send the last digit of your certificate key to the hashed hexadecimal address at the third page of… Hey, just kidding 🙂 Wallpapers contest is for fun, voting …

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Aug 08 2013

OpenMandriva Lx progress schedule

Nicolas Pomarède, long time community member (user/contributor) of Mandrake/Mandriva, asked some questions to the Technical Committee of OpenMandriva. Bernhard Rozenkränzer (bero), coordinator of the distribution development, answered him. Q (N.P.): So, back to the distribution, where are we now? Could we have an updated schedule? Not something like “we’re doing QA [Quality Assurance]” or “we …

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Jun 27 2013

Farewell, Ron…

Yesterday, we have learned the sad news about the death of Ron van Pomeren, aka Arvi Pingus. He was deeply involved in the Dutch Mandriva community, as well as in international forums, and lately he was very interested in the development of our association. More important, for many of us he was a friend, even …

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Mar 22 2013

Council meeting#6 report and new Build System

Hello Folks, Here are the minutes of the last council meeting. Thanks to Loomio (a great free/opensource decision-taking platform coming from New-Zealand), it has been more easy for us to quickly and efficiently take decisions, despite the fact we have members from all around the world. (Thank you Loomio team!) In a nutshell: All decisions …

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Dec 28 2012 slowly opening doors (and wishing you a Happy New Year 2013)

Tux is wishing you an Happy New Year 2013

Hello folks. This is the first blog post on This website is still a work in progress, but the goal is to start gathering all our information that is scattered at several places, and get it all here (at, which is the domain name of the OpenMandriva Association. Until now, you had to …

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