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May 28 2017

One single place for community discussions.

OpenMandriva Team is proud to show to Community the result of latest effort from Infrastructure group: the aggregation of our forum, mailing list and blog comments. We always wished to have a single place to discuss about everything. From what is deeply technical, to a more informal environment where we can discuss any argument may …

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Apr 01 2016

Cooker news Week 13-2016


Full log A new beta release will be shared this Sunday and will be candidate to QA (Quality Assurance) Team validation. Not much change since last meetings: additional bug fixes, removal of Plasma 5 in favour of WindowMaker as default environment. Good test!

Mar 12 2016

TO MIRRORS PROVIDERS: please update sync origin

Hello all, this is a message for all friends, partners who kindly provide us a mirror hosting OpenMandriva packages and isos: As we now have our own ABF build system, all mirrors should sync from one of our T-1 mirror, Yandex or Ibiblio (which themselves are up to date with our ABF system) since this …

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Dec 02 2014

Wandering OpenMandriva, part 4: France!

A little late, but the November issue of the French Linux Magazine “Linux Identity Kit” included a DVD with OpenMandriva Lx and a 24 pages guide. We proudly read that OpenMandriva has a “seductive desktop environment”. Thank you! 🙂 Un peu tard, mais le numĂ©ro de Novembre du magazine Linux français “Linux Identity Kit” inclut …

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Nov 18 2014

User Survey 2014 results

“Listening looks easy, but it’s not simple. Every head is a world.” Cuban proverb. Today Jofazepa provided the results of the last user survey. We would like to thank everyone who took time to take it, and thank also Jofazepa for the neat and beautiful synthesis. You can download the results here (pdf format, english …

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Apr 01 2014

Migrating our webserver to IIS

Hello, Even though Apache and nGinx are good servers, they really lack some important feature, and are not easy to configure. After long discussion, we finally decided to use IIS as our main web server. This will need of course to have a Windows server image, but it’s not as expensive as before and has …

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Mar 26 2014

command-not-found now available for OpenMandriva Lx

command-not-found, a tool that has been made for ROSA is now also available in OpenMandriva Lx repository (at this time, only development version). What is this package about? It may arrive that you need to launch a command inside a terminal, even if you’re a new user, sometimes things are done quicker with a simple …

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Mar 21 2014

Bug report tool for OpenMandriva Lx

Tomasz PaweĹ‚ Gajc (TPG) annouced today in development mailing list that he created a simple shell script that will help in bug fixing process. It is called omv-bug-report. You can install it through rpmdrake, or by running urpmi omv-bug-report The script location will then be /usr/bin/ Launching from a terminal will gather informations from: …

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Mar 14 2014

Blog changing licence from

Hello, a member of the community warned us about a notice of Copyright infringement from the OpenMandriva English page in Wikipedia. This warning is due to the fact some parts of the articles inside the blog, more precisely the About, Governance and Community pages have been used to create the page. It would of course …

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Nov 04 2013

OpenMandriva Lx 2013: last steps until final product

Last week, OpenMandriva Technical Committee (board of development team) published the release plan decided by the development team (aka Cooker). Friday 8 November: Release Candidate 1 Friday 15 November: Release Candidate 2 Friday 22 November: FINAL product In each case, the process is this one: 7 days before releasing, an iso is built under the …

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