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Jun 05 2015

UPDATED: Should OpenMandriva keep supporting i586?

That was the main question we asked OpenMandriva Association (OMA) Members and now want to ask all the community. The OMA members said Yes – Keep supporting it (56%), presenting as the main reasons that we need to keep supporting legacy technology that is still widely used around the world, specially in development countries that …

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Jun 05 2015

Look! It’s the OpenMandriva Council Election Results

The elections for the OpenMandriva Association Council are finished, counted the votes here are the results. To the nine persons that will integrate the OpenMandriva Council for the next two years – Klebedeff, Bero, RJadot, Rugyada, TPG, JCL, Itchka, Fedya and Avokhmin – Welcome!

May 30 2015

OpenMandriva Council Elections and i586 survey

Dear OpenMandriva Association Member, During this week the OpenMandriva Association (OMA) started the election of it’s council. It’s very important for all members to participate in the elections. OMA also started to listen the members on the i586 architecture usage. In 3 days from now the members voting on the topic will be over and …

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Oct 06 2014

Talk to us, we are listening

“Alpha 60: What is your secret? Tell me, Mr. Caution. Lemmy Caution: Something which never changes, day or night. The past represents its future. It advances in a straight line, yet it ends by coming full circle.” in Alphaville (1965), from Jean-Luc Godard OpenMandriva Association (OMA) wants to listen to the community. The community is what …

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Sep 26 2014

If you thought it couldn’t get better, here is OpenMandriva Lx 2014.1


Hello everybody 🙂 OpenMandriva  is proud to announce the release of OpenMandriva Lx 2014.1, that aims  fixing lots of bugs and improving the overall performance of the distro. We would like to thank everybody that help us made this possible, testers, bug submitters, developers and all the community. You can find in the ISO: kernel …

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Sep 08 2014

OpenMandriva Lx in day-to-day action: Install and use R (Part I)


At work I often see my colleges stuck with the fact that they do all the same things with the computers, day after day. Going to facebook, see some youtube videos, reading some news, chatting and of course working. When they see I don’t use Windows or Mac they ofter say: “oh, you are one …

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Aug 23 2014

Danke Sehr!

We have very good news to all the community: we were selected by Thomas Krenn Open Source Sponsorship 2014 jury to be congratulated with the 4th place. OpenMandriva applied for this at LinuxTag 2014 in Berlin earlier this year and is proud to announce it to you. First we would like to thank Thomas-Krenn for …

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May 19 2014

The Chwido Report: Chwido asks Bero, itchka and PCPA

I’m Chwido, and this is The Chwido Report. Today I’m pleased to interview Bero, an important person in my life  (he feeds me, Arf!)  and core developer of OpenMandriva, PCPA, one of oldest and most devoted Mandriva community contributors and itchka – our QA guru and one of the most intelligent enthusiasts we have! – …

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May 05 2014

We are OpenMandriva, ask us anything about our newest release

omlx2014 phosphorus

OpenMadriva Lx 2014.0 “Phosphorus” is out and we would like to invite you to test it, review it, and ask us anything (the rule of reason is applied) about it in the terrific: WAOAUAAONR (We are OpenMandriva, ask us anything about our newest release). We will try to answer all the questions in a week …

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Aug 26 2013

The Flavor of Freedom: Wallpaper Contest

OpenMandriva wallpaper contest

“To live is not necessary. Necessary is to create.” (Fernando Pessoa) OpenMandriva Lx is in the Cooker but we need to add more flavor to it—some spicy, juicy new wallpapers. We need the help of our fellow community to build the best looking wallpaper we can get. The theme for the competition is “The Flavor …

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