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May 12 2016

GCC 6.1 vs. LLVM Clang 3.9 Compiler Performance

Phoronix published a review about GCC vs Clang performances. OpenMandriva is currently the only distribution that uses Clang as main compiler. Though there is no clear difference between both compilers, that proves, at least, that we are not wrong using it 🙂

Jan 16 2016

Recent mailing list migration

We have successfully completed migration of all our mailing lists (MLs) to a new server. This should solve the problem of delayed email delivery that we have faced intermittently in the past. What went well? Configuration and member lists for each ML remain unaffected. What didn’t go well? Mail archives before Dec 31, 2015 are …

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May 01 2014

Phosphorus?.. It is just a breathe away!!


Feb 19 2013

Well, what is the state of the association ?

As you may know it, our sponsor, Mr. Leonid Reiman, has made 10 servers available to us, and another sponsor, “ROSA” company is providing full collocation services for those. Servers would be used for development, web services (blog, forum, wiki, mailing lists,…). Our thanks goes out to them and we take this support as a …

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