Apr 28 2016

OpenMandriva-PoliLinux business cooperation

Hey folks!

We are glad and proud to announce, that our cooperation with Brazilian PoliLinux company continues, bringing benefits and positive results on both sides.

PoliLinux was created not long ago, but yet has a history, many of its employees coming from Conectiva company.

PoliLinux is offering OEM, custom solutions, server solutions and support services and actively uses OpenMandriva releases as a base for their products totally adapted for Brazilian market.

Apart from continuing financial support to OpenMandriva, PoliLinux is planning to devote more time of their employees to work in OpenMandriva, to support the development route, chosen by the community and OpenMandriva technical committee.

We thank our Brazilian friends and are looking forward to further extension of our common work.

About PoliLinux

PoliLinux is a company formed by some professionals from Conectiva SA. Bringing extensive knowledge and experience in Linux development, customization and support. Specialized in the development of OEM, services of hardware enablement in various flavours of Linux. Consulting and technical support for migration and deployment of Linux servers;




Headquarter: Curitiba / Paraná / Brazil
Subsidiary: Manaus / Amazonas / Brazil

For more information, visit www.polilinux.com.br