Apr 18 2016

Brand new OpenMandriva development environment – ABF!

What is ABF?

ABF is the Automated Build Farm, the distributed environments to build today’s modern Linux distributions. Supporting all steps from managing source code, compiling source code to binaries, creating deliverable repository of packages, and to creating ISO images.
ABF provides you with power to build projects for large variety of distributions and hardware platforms. No additional efforts from your side!

Previously we used to work with ABF created and run by “ROSA” company, what became much harder in the second half of 2015. We were brainstorming, and the challenging solution of creating our fully own development environment was taken. It tooks months, full reorganization of infrastructure and hard work of our devoted experts. (btw, this could not not affect the Beta ETA – but that one is accomplished now as well;) Our hat goes off to Alexey Vokhmin (Avokhmin), Alexander Khryukin (Fedya), HisShadow, Tomasz Pawel Gaic (TPG), Bernhard Rosenkränzer (Bero) and all the valued people who invested their nights and days to make this possible!!

We are proud to present our Automated Build Farm to you – and offer it as a tool for your projects.

Enjoy together with us this awesome result of our “blood and sweat” ;)) efforts! 🙂

Want to know more and get a feel for it? Test it out! Sign up for an account at abf.openmandriva.org and come in our Community for having fun to create together a Linux distribution with an OpenMandriva Control Center easiest possible for the whole system configuration as well as single applications install.

Lightweight task tracker.
Every project may use a lightweight and simple task tracker. Labels and assignments will allow not to get lost in tasks, while convenient interface will let you concentrate on a real work, not filling huge forms.

We have moved to

Why github is awesome:

Package building

Personal repository
Personal repository provides you with an easy way to distribute your software among great number of Linux users by means of standard ways of software delivery. ABF will take care of package dependencies from both main repositories or extra and personal ones. Published a new package version? Users will be automatically notified about available update.

Task monitoring
It is easy to get lost in large amount of tasks, but smart monitoring will focus your attention on those tasks that really matter for you

Got questions? You are always welcome to ask at contact@openmandriva.org


  1. The automated build farm you are using does not do as well as whatever
    PCLinuxOS64 is using.

    I have tried twice to install Open Mandriva 3.01.1 to my test machine
    a Dell E6420, with Intel graphics. Each time as I was doing updates
    the screen locker activated. The machine printed a message to
    the screen about how to get back to the session and the first time
    it came close to working. The second time this afternoon it printed
    the same message but the recommended action would not
    bring up a terminal screen and the command to unlock the
    session could not be entered.

    I have tried to create an account and file this bug or problem
    but have not been able to verify that this works.
    Screen locker fails!
    This is not the machines fault as I am running pclinuxOS64 in both
    the 2016.03 version and the 2017.04 version. without any problems
    and you guys are at about the level of Mageia 6 which has failed
    to produce a image that does not crash after updates.

    I sincerely hope you can fix this. Until you do in my capacity
    as a Linux columnist for CUCUG, Usenet commentator on
    the Mandrake/Mandriva forks and library maintainer for the
    SF-LUG I will not be able to recommend your distribution.

    • rugyada on May 18, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    What you are describing it seems more an issue you have with KDE/Plasma screen locking settings or power management, if I understand correctly your comment.
    You are welcome to join our forum https://forum.openmandriva.org/ to discuss it and hopefully help you.

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