Apr 21 2016

Attention! Call for participation!

Hi! 🙂

We apply huge efforts for that all of our community could enjoy the distro. To be able to provide best possible experience, we need support in few particular things and calling for YOU!

At this moment we need help in the following particular areas:

1. More testing for install on old hardware.
Essentially, we’ve seen some problems when installing on old hardware, but since those are hard to reproduce, need to know more about the problem (e.g. if there’s any common thing about the pieces of hardware that made it fail)

2. Cleaning up the bugs in bugzilla, reporting invalid ones and fixing valid ones

3. Helping fix plymouth

4. Fix the i586 builds of Lx3

Thank you for contributing!
If it does not work, please file your reports to issues.openmandriva.org.
If it does work☺, please send a note to Cooker mailing list, or Development Testing forum category.
Mailing list and forum are also good places to ask for help, if you wish to help, but not sure about details. Questions  can also always be asked in real time at our IRC channel #openmandriva-cooker @freenode

You can download OpenMandriva Beta1 development release at SourceForge

Release notes and errata:

Please test installation on different hardware and report.
Once system is installed, please run full update in order to get latest bugfixing.

Please do not forget to attach the file generated by omv-bug-report
More info at https://blog.openmandriva.org/2014/03/bug-report-tool-for-openmandriva-lx/

Thanks! You will enjoy the output of our common work☺