Mar 12 2016

TO MIRRORS PROVIDERS: please update sync origin

Hello all,

this is a message for all friends, partners who kindly provide us a mirror hosting OpenMandriva packages and isos:

As we now have our own ABF build system, all mirrors should sync from one of our T-1 mirror, Yandex or Ibiblio (which themselves are up to date with our ABF system) since this night — mirrors synced and checked 2016-03-12 04:30 CET.

Sorry for the mess in mirrors, the trouble we had with build systems has put our data publishing in mess for several weeks. Now all will be back to normal.

The mirroring wiki page has been updated here:

Thanks for your attention, please inform us when your sync script is updated.

Note: if you want to provide a very up-to-date additional T-1 mirror, it’s possible: we simply need a push access to the openmandriva directory of your mirror, through rsync.// or through ssh for instance.