Mar 02 2016

So.. when is OMLx3 Beta coming?

Hi folks!

We have made a huge job to deliver you all the best possible, and now time is approaching:)

So when Beta comes? Simple: once we fix these show-stoppers! We work hard, and you are welcome to join!
Just join our irc channel @freenode #openmandriva-cooker, or send your offer to cooker ML:

a short list of blockers for BETA release:

1. Broken dependencies – i586 -> 78 x86_64 -> 84
You can see them by installing urpm-repoclosure and running this command
urpm-repoclosure –hdlist=

change x86_64 to i586 in above link to see broken deps on 32 bit

2. Mariadb service does not start – due to change to use systemd’s notify
feature – looks like only Fedora is doing it right – fix is just to import
service files and couple of scripts from Fedora’s mariadb

Without this any akonadi service will not work – kmail etc.

3. Missing KAPPS – couple of packages needs a fix to be able to build:

4. ISO does not build – due to brokend dependencies see point #1