Mar 14 2016

Cooker news Week 10-2016


Full log

1. Main cooler repos are now in good shape

2. A new iso has been issued for QA approval for beta some boot and issues were found that need fixing so this candidate was not accepted.

3. As the repos are now in good shape the process of connecting the new ABF to the mirror network will now be started.

4. ETA for QA approved beta release is on or before 16th March


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    • marc on March 15, 2016 at 5:41 am

    Bonjour à toutes et tous,

    Je viens de tester la dernière version de développement (buid#100).

    Quelques reproches :
    1) il est dommage que le partitionement automatique créer une seule partition ** / et home** dans la même partition, comme sous Windows.
    Quand des données sont enregistrés sur la nouvelles OpenMandriva Lx, lors d’une ré-installations, vous perdez tout.
    Dommage de perdre la force de GNU/Linux, avec un Home et une racine séparé qui permet de conserver les donnés de l’utilisateur.
    2) calamares lors de l’instalation pourquoi le même mots de passe pour l’utilisateur et l’administrateur (root) est proposé par défau,comme sous Windows, pour moi ceci est un problème de sécurité majeur, le nouvel utilisateur va confondre les actions sans danger (utilisateur) et les actions pouvant nuire au système (ROOT).
    3) La force de GNU/Linux est d’être multi-tâche, pourquoi comme sous Windows un seul Bureau ?
    4) Autant passé sous Windows pour toutes ces questions de non sécurité.



    1. Dear Marc

      Here are some comments, you are welcome to give further feedback!
      Thanks for taking the effort


      Some complaints:
      1) it is a pity that the automatic partitionement create one partition ** /
      ** and home in the same partition as Windows. When data is stored on the
      new OpenMandriva Lx, during a re-installation, you lose everything. Shame
      to lose the GNU / Linux strength, with a home and a separate root that
      keeps the given user.

      This is not true. Please use manual partitioning.

      Partitioner which is used by calamares is a partitioner made by KDE guys.
      These people pushed so much effort on that, sad is that not everybody can be

      2) calamares when instalation why the same for the
      user passwords and administrator (root) is proposed by FAIL, like Windows,
      to me this is a major security problem, the new user will confuse safe
      action (user) and the actions that can harm the system (ROOT).

      You can setup a separate password for root, and other users.
      Second after installation and first boot, you can change everything. This is
      not any FAIL or security hole.

      3) The GNU /
      Linux’s strength is to be multi-task, why Windows as a single desktop?

      As much past Windows for all these issues not security.

      Do not understand these, but i have feeling this is related to desktop
      environment, and yes currently we are providing Plasma and LXQt desktops on

      • rugyada on March 25, 2016 at 11:33 am

      Merci Marc.

      3) La force de GNU/Linux est d’être multi-tâche, pourquoi comme sous Windows un seul Bureau ?

      Parfois, il suffit de demander gentiment 🙂
      Sometimes one just need to kindly request 🙂

  1. huhh less.. would be nice if more infos comes around,

    the german w’ S , 3 or more of them, pointX, warum (haben wir es gemacht), weshalb (ist das so gelaufen wie es ist), wo (lag der fehler) und wie (wurde es ausgemerzt oder behoben) und was ( ist derzeit der Stand der Dinge bei diesem Punkt ), send they peoples an question cataloge and they should fill out for the blog for have a nice long report for the peoples there around outside of OpenMandriva 🙂

    so, as example :
    1. Main cooler repos are now in good shape
    We have change the whole Server in the last few and therewith comes some things up to us where we have now to go, like Adjustments, new setting up of our new abf-server
    Because it’s goes like so, ROSA is going down and it’s go in to the work under and together in one Community into OpenMandriva (or something, i know, my english is terrible..)
    Where was the Issue, the issue was on the whole changing of the domain and Serverspace and other things (where could explain the Tecnical Person of us) and configurations.
    On this stage it’s now all well running, the scripts, the rpmbuilding and something also like mirroring and so on . (maybe can anyone write more :))) )
    And what it is at moment the States of the Things..
    we have now today all well on runing, Crispin and Alex and other Members of OpenMandriva have build fully up our ABF-Server and it’s ready for take off 🙂 (or maybe more)

    wuohaw, it’s this not an bit more as Point one 🙂

    an asking catalog per mail for guild up an Blog-Report for the public 🙂

    but i am happy now how at moment goes at all 🙂

    OpenMandriva Linux… independent !

    this is all what we all want.. and naturally in Private hands !

    best regards

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