Feb 26 2016

Development news Week 8-2016

OpenMandriva Technical Committee (TC) meetings are taking place every Wednesday 16.00 UTC/17.00 CET @freenode #openmandriva-cooker, welcome to watch to see all details!
For the case if you do not have a possibility to do so, we will publish weekly the main extracts, news in our blog

Have fun!

#info TC decided that the repositories will be frozen once the following work has ben completed. 1. Update libc to latest release. 2. Upadtre clang compiler to 3.8 final 3. Complete updates to KF and KFAPPS

#info OpenMandriva own ABF build farm is now running and we are stabilising and tracking down a few final issues. Assuming all goes well we should be in a position to resume work on the beta release some time next week

#info The new abf will give users the opportunity to participate in the distro in a very real way. Watch this space.

#info It was resolved to have and Info item added to the TC meeting agenda where all important news was gathered together for publication in a forum thread. This will ensure that users will get a regular weekly update as to the state of the distribution.

#info qt5-qtwebkit being linked against the wrong libwebp (one showstopper preventing us from building the iso) is solved. No promised ETA on beta iso, but it will be “soon”

#info we’ll set up a new master mirror for other mirrors to pull from