Aug 29 2015

Mandrake ->Mandriva -> The Scion: Your memories at its roots

Hi folks

We hope you are enjoying The Scion, for the moment the freshest OpenMandriva release.
We asked you a while ago to say why is it that you chose Mandrake?

And your memories are great

Let’s all enjoy them together!

(More of your comments and memories you can see here)


“I was working on a similar project (Red Hat 5.2 codebase, added KDE, rebuilt with a better compiler (pgcc, at a time when it made sense to switch from i386 to i586) — never released on the net because at the time, my only connectivity was pay-per-minute 14.4kbps dialup and I didn’t have the cash to upload the isos) when I was approached by the Mandrake guys, and merged my efforts into theirs back in 1998.

Unfortunately after a while, my job took me elsewhere – but my mind remained set on creating a Linux system anyone could use (easy to install for someone with no computer knowledge – but powerful enough for myself), so I launched Ark Linux.

It was great to see the distribution moving to a community project in 2013, so we could merge efforts once again — into a project that is there to stay.”


“I like! I started using Mandrake in 1998, installing the 5.1 release… and now I’m using Open Mandriva, whit satisfaction. Thanks!”


„User of Linux since 1996, I remained faithful to Mandrake, Mandriva, OpenMandriva since the version 5.1.
As all, I tried several distribution, but it is really the only one who is thought to be easily settled by a new user.
To us now, with Openmandriva, to continue this beautiful story.”


„I just want to tell you that I started using Mandrake Linux around 2001 or something. At that time some said that a “real man” should use other distros in which we should do everything by hand, but I didn’t care, I always used Mandrake, and loved it, fully functional, with everything we needed, even games like Tux Racer, all servers working perfectly, everything that I needed to develop apps and even do web developing using LAMP, etc.

And it was always truly beautiful, user friendly, it was a real real pleasure working with it, even its shell full of colours by default, everything was perfect.

After all this time, I still use Open Mandriva because of the very sweet memories I have from Mandrake, and also because even nowadays it is still beautiful, and I think it will get more with time.

Anyway, I’ll always use these distros, thank you for continuing existing and providing this lovely distro.

Thank you, from Portugal, Europe”.


“Compared to everyone who’s posted so far I’m a noob. No training what so ever in IT or “computer programming” as I recall it being when I was in Community College (class of 1971). Went from Windows XP to dual booting with Fedora Core 3 I think circa 2004-2005. Boy was that a handful at first. Took quite a while to get comfortable but I knew next to nothing about computers when I started. Discovered Mandriva around 2007 (version 2007) and loved it. Particularly I liked the installer (the traditional full featured one), MCC, and the experience of so much working upon first boot in to new system. What a breath of fresh air. And a system used for servers, desktop noobs, but also used by power users and scientific/research organizations. What a marvelously simple yet powerful and versatile operating system. Truly a brilliant creation.”


“Mandriva, la prima distro linux… 2005, ero ad un incontro del LUG di Brindisi, in Puglia, e tra le varie distro che fecero provare c’era lei… Si fece subito notare sulle altre distro per la propria velocità e facilità d’uso, quindi decisi di provarla… Velocità di esecuzione, la cura nell’estetica, la sua semplicità d’utilizzo… dopo pochi mesi eliminai completamente la partizione WinXP”


“The first time I saw a Linux OS was with Mandrake 7.2.
I started using it as a good alternative OS to Windows.

Immediately I found myself really happy with the Distro and began to use it as the main OS!

When MandrakeSoft launched a campaign to contribute I started my annual subscription fee with Mandriva Club (Silver Member) and I continued to do so up all the time it was possible…

After a while, I started to prepare some pms that I needed, after a while I decided to share these rpms with other users, so when I was contacted by Marco Monaco (inventore1) who offered me a place to store his and my files, we founded MIB:

Soon, many other users joined to MIB projects, helping us to maintain this useful place with extra resources for all the Mandrake users.

I started to focus on the development of a forked kernel, better suited for multimedia and realtime applications, called Kernel nrj and then also Kernel nrjQL.

Time passed and after Mandriva had made their 2011 release they announced their intention to stop the desktop distribution development, we loyally decided to continue with the natural heir and we started supporting for ROSA Linux, then also to the newborn OpenMandriva (OMA)”