Aug 01 2015

Bug Blaster Day!

Hi folks!

Developers, bug hunters, interested users: this post is for all of you!

OpenMandriva plans to launch a Bug Blaster day, the Big Bug squashing day, to be held on our IRC channel #openmandriva-qa on Freenode IRC
(date and time to be announced)

We get together developers and users and focus on a specific category of bugs in OpenMandriva bugzilla
Could be “OM Lx 3 Alpha bugs” or could be a subsystem category like “Video” or “Drakx” or “Installation”.
Which particular bugs to be fixed and done? Suggest!

Categories like “Weirdest bug”, “Most persistent bug”, “Bug that keeps coming back” are to be there, as well as any other challenging ones, which you will offer.
Prizes? Sure to come! (make sure to get your “OpenMandriva Bug Cracker” T-shirt, or cup, baseball cap or USB sticks!)

We call for volunteers, including developers, users, and anyone wishing to see what OpenMandriva is all about – we see it as fun and challenging opportunity, give a shout if you would like to join!
Everybody is welcome, even if you have never contributed or been on our channels before.

Minimum requirements:
– You don’t need to know code or have any special skills though some Linux experience, familiar with command line and editors and such would be helpful.
– You will need OpenMandriva 2014.2 installed on hardware and/or in virtual machine such as VirtualBox.

Stable version of OpenMandriva 2014.2 is available here:

Bug Blaster day would last 6-12 hours in IRC mode, we are thinking to have it monthly.

Join! For fun.


Please let know of your plans to participate to: OpenMandriva Quality Assurance
Note: it is worth having full update system before playing Bug Blaster Day

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    • Ben79 on August 1, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Anyone and everyone interested please e-mail us at:

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