Jun 23 2015

i586 – we follow your say

Hey guys and gals

Some days ago a members and community poll regarding i586 was finished.

(You can see details here https://blog.openmandriva.org/en/2015/06/should-openmandriva-keep-supporting-i586/)


67% of the participants have said, that they are in favor to support i586 further.

So we do!

In 1 year we will have another same poll and see how things go.

Should we ask you of other things? Do you have wishes, thoughts, suggestions, want to contribute, but do not know how? Just give a shout:)







  1. anoobi

    Will it be an i686 switch, as discussed before? It seems more convenient to maintain and it provides 32bit arch support.

  2. Blackcrack

    …indeed ..

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