May 30 2015

OpenMandriva Council Elections and i586 survey

Dear OpenMandriva Association Member,

During this week the OpenMandriva Association (OMA) started the election of it’s council. It’s very important for all members to participate in the elections.

OMA also started to listen the members on the i586 architecture usage. In 3 days from now the members voting on the topic will be over and his survey will be opened to all community, as well as the poll on Games/Gaming (your opinion does matter!).

Attention to members: we faced some technical problems with our server and have noticed that some members didn’t receive the e-mail sent by our “limesurvey” instance to participate. So on behalf of OpenMandriva Community I’ll invite you to participate on the Election and I586 survey. Please check you e-mail and search for our two contacts (from and participate (two e-mail reminders were sent from about the same time this post). If you don’t find your e-mails please contact-me to and I will try to understand the reasons and unblock the situation. Both surveys are anonymous, being managed by limesurvey, using a token system in winch the platform will clear the connection between the answer and the respondent.

Community surveys for i586 topic and gaming will be announced separately in 3 days.


Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to the community for all these years.

João Patrício

OpenMandriva Community

p.s. And don’t forget to have fun…

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    • Bruce on June 5, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Please leave i586/especialy x86 pae in repositories and still update at least till 2019 so the rest of the world that is not North America (and those impoverished) can afford used x64 bit machines…thansk again for keeping our landfills free from the trash of a software lockout can cause

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