Feb 14 2014

St.Valentine’s Day?


Hi folks,

All those who celebrate today, and all those who are yet alone, those who treat it serious and those who with irony, and our beloved cynics, OMA wishes you all – days full of love – today just as every day;)

In community we trustoma-valentine-day

Hallo zusammen,

An all die jenigen, die heute feiern und alle, die noch alleine sind, diejenigen, die es ernst nehmen und diejenigen die es mit Ironie nehmen und an unsere geliebten Zyniker: OMA wünscht euch allen Tage voller Liebe – heute und jeder Zeit.

In community we trustoma-valentine-day

Hi folks,

À tous ceux qui célèbrent ce jour, et tous ceux qui sont encore seuls, ceux qui en parlent sérieusement et ceux qui le traitent avec ironie, et nos cyniques bien-aimés, OMA vous souhaite à tous – des jours pleins d’amour – aujourd’hui comme tous les jours 😉

In community we trust

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    • Blacky on February 16, 2014 at 6:43 am

    helloween, Chrismas and Valentine, go in the shop and buy.. buy you Girlfrend anything nice ..
    this is all commercial things.. and from where it is come ? right, from the States.. should i say anything else ?

    Nice want be if any week anything about Open Mandriva Linux and the
    technical position of things in the blog appear … the other it is maybe
    interpersonally but not real topic of OM Lx 🙂 right ?
    best regards

      • rugyada on February 16, 2014 at 9:00 am

      We’re like a great family, that’s my thought 🙂
      Relatives and friends exchange wishes and hugs and this is our way, we’re made not only of Linux and code.
      Ciao Blacky, enjoy your wishes and be happy!

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