Feb 22 2014

Much faster kernel – less than 10 sec

Hey-hey, hope all are going well through these last winter days in the North and through the heat of the summer in South:)

Here is something from our Kernel Guru, NicCo:

After the implementation of the new disk I/O BFQv7r2, and all the other small fixes and tuneups around 3.12.x, we’ve noticed that with the latest kernel 3.12.12 we can obtain a much faster boot time compared with the one possible with the previous kernels 3.12.8/9, tested with modern hardware this can oscillate from 14to15 secs to a bit less than 10 secs.

These are results in my own PC and also in this test of bvbfan


If you wish to test it, please do and verify if these boot-time results are fortunate and/or random cases, or if with the most of hardware are confirmed!

Your comments and results are most welcome in the comments to this post.Hey, hew, hoffe es geht allen gut in diesen letzten Wintertagen im Norden und durch die Sommerhitze im Süden:

Hier gibt es einige Neuigkeiten von unserem Kernelguru, NicCo:

“Nach der Implementierung des neuen disk I/O BFQv7r2,und zahlreichen anderen Fixes und Tuning rund um 3.12.x haben wir festgestellt, dass mit dem neuesten Kernel eine viel schnellere Bootzeit verglichen mit vorherigen Kerneln 3.12.8/9 erreicht werden kann. Mit aktueller Hardware kann dies zwischen 14 bis 15 Sektunden betragen bis zu weniger als 10 Sekunden.

Dies sind Ergebnisse in meinem eigenen PC und in dem Test von bvbfan


Wenn ihr es testen wollt, nur zu und überprüft ob diese Bootzeit-Ergbnisse zufällig oder glückliche Ergebnisse sind, oder mit dem meisten an Hardware bestätigen!

Eure Kommentare und Ergebnisse sind in diesem Post willkommen!

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    • blackcrack on February 26, 2014 at 11:58 am


    jupp, feels much faster and more stable .. was a good update und now works different Apps really faster.. I could be wrong also, but in any case, feel it in altogether very good ..

    Pulse works also well so far and get in KDE an good and fast Login .. behind i have reconfigured in Drakconf from alsa only to Pulse+glinch (or something*s*)

    Now mus only the nfs3 automatically hang in (what it is at moment the automatical hang in in nfs3 not works ..)
    but the nfs3 works now ..

    all feels well to and if the nfs3/automounting fixed it is in my opinion can make an Beta or 2014 ..
    maby it is not bad, to include an batchfile in systemd between vconsole and the XDM/kdm starter
    for the root who can add some other programmstartups and some things
    an easy file local-systemd.sh for admins/root of the system…
    to have an possibility for workarounds including or other things..
    like in the moment with “mount -a -t nfs” or something .. like in the old times ..

    Virtualbox works well .. the system-boot is nice and fast .. no big fails anymore ..
    sound it is well (like i think) but i don’t have testet the wlan .. and the samba,
    apache ad others .. i hope it works well also …
    so, if comes out the Beta, i want reinstall my Notebook and TV-ITX again ..,
    this works with wlan..
    (because, the actual Alfa 2014 have more as 1900files for update.. brrhh but this let show the heavy work 🙂 )

    and want be nice, if tell on the next ISO, if it is possible for take as update from 2013 to 2014..
    if it is okey .. but.. btw… can we make an update with this Non-Drakinstaller-garbage ??
    I hope it’s comes in the next time an better installer :\ who it is possible for
    Custom-install, Updating and install from ftp’s again like them from Mandrake !

    best regards and happy Programming and rpm-packing

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