Nov 22 2013

First OpenMandriva Lx final release is here!

The OpenMandriva Community is proud to announce our first release, OpenMandriva Lx 2013.0 !

OpenMandriva Lx-frame

OpenMandriva Lx is an exciting free Desktop Operating System that aims to cater to and interest first time and advanced users alike. It has the breadth and depth of an advanced system but is designed to be simple and straightforward in use.

This release, OpenMandriva Lx 2013.0 is dedicated to the memory of Ron (Ronald van Pomeren), aka Arvi Pingus. Ron was one of the first contributors to OpenMandriva, dedicated, professional – and just a very good person and friend to many of us. We miss him.

So what’s new?
We’ve organized a full overview and screenshot tour for you – check it out!

From RC2, nothing much has changed – mainly bugfixing and polishing. We did mix up our polling results from RC2, and it turns out that SimpleWelcome was the winner, instead of Kickoff. SimpleWelcome has been made the default launcher for this release, but Kickoff is still included in the ISO, in case you prefer it.

Our background contest, The Flavour of Freedom, has resulted in 11 new wallpapers that have been included in 2013.0! They are a selection of photographs that members of the community have both submitted and voted on.

How can I get this?
We strongly encourage all users to read the release notes before proceeding.

The system requirements, at a minimum, are:
A 32-bit (i586) or 64-bit (x86_64) computer.
640 MB of memory (for Virtual Machines, at least 1536 MB minimum).
10 GB of disk space.
A graphics card that preferably supports at least 1024×768.
A method of installing the ISO (either via a DVD drive or a USB stick).

RC1 and RC2 users can simply upgrade.

We provide releases via torrent (our recommended method), our mirror system ftp as well as SourceForge. Go on, get it, and join the fun!

[important] Download Options
Torrents (preferred option), SourceForge (x86_64, i586), Mirrors

What if I find a bug?
You can report it on our issue tracker or get community support on the forums.

* If you experience issues with security certificate (https) on our issue tracker, see this.

What’s next?
We’ll be discussing some of the challenges we face and the tasks we need to cover from 2013.0, as well discuss what our next release will be. Stay tuned for more information, coming soon!

Chwido, our mascot, says…
Woof! woof! woof!
English translation: “Have fun and stay in touch!”

What is the OpenMandriva Association?
The OpenMandriva Association was established on December 12, 2012 under 1901 French law. It is in charge of representing people who are passionate about free software.

The association represents the paradigm: from Community to Community, with passion, fun and dedication. Its members strive to deliver a pleasant environment for everyday tasks and a secure, reliable system for production usage.


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  1. jcl vanier

    More screenshots in our gallery (thanks to Rugyada)

  2. Artemio Estrella


    I started in the Linux world with Mandrake 7.2, more or less in the years 2001 or 2002 .

    Right now I am Ubuntu user, but I hope install OpenMandriva in my desktop computer.

    Regards from Mexico.

  3. torbjorn skog

    I remember it was Linux Journal and the year must have been 2001: This CD with Mandrake 7 and a CD with Turbolinux 6 – those were the days!

    Greatings from Sweden

  4. jcl vanier

    I believe this table is ok.

  5. david

    hola, intento instalar el openmandriva lx en una vmware y al reiniciar me da error en el kernel yme dice que monte el boot, a alguien le pasa¿?

  6. jcl vanier

    you could ask in the Spanish forum.

    que se puede pedir en el Foro Español

  7. Euler

    A primeira impressão foi bem positiva para essa primeira “versão” openmandriva. Sou usuário desde o Mandrake 7.02 e gostei do trabalho feito pela equipe. A distro ficou com o visual bastante elegante e a instalação inicial ocorreu sem atropelos. Até o momento para atividades básicas ela se comporta muto bem.
    Os pontos negativos é que nem todos os ambientes funcionam corretamente. pelo menos o Gnome não consegue inicializar e o Xfce nem se consegue instalar. Usando o KDE a distro roda sem atropelos.
    Ainda vou testar ela com atividades mais específicas como: desenvolvimento com PHP e Java e o uso do apache e Tomcat e banco de dados (mysql,postgre). No mais a equipe esta de parabens pela distro.

  8. Williamdiff

    Would you be involved in exchanging links?

  9. Ivan Farias

    Gostaria de primeiramente parabenizar a equipe que desenvolveu o OpenMandriva. Sempre admirei o Mandriva desde a versão 2010. O sistema está rodando normalmente sem bug’s, porém, até agora não consegui instalar a minha impressora local (Epson TX115). Não houve jeito. Se alguém souber de alguma dica, ficarei muito agradecido.

  10. JK

    Hello and thanks for having released first OpenMandriva. Is there any chance, to install a reduced version in case of having only 512 MB RAM – as for instance on a certain netbook?

  11. jcl vanier

    I didn’t try with such a small amount of ram. Currently, you could hardly consider an installation on this netbook because the process simply copies the image of an already done installation.
    However, this is possible in theory with enough swap. That could take a long time. But after that you could be able to choose the desktop you want. For example, OpenBox.
    Our devs have planned to provide another installer which will work in another way: letting the user choose the packages.

    There could be another trick: install the system you want in live mode, then install the resulting system on you netbook, or use another laptop to install and tweak the system on a sd card then boot the netbook from it.

  12. Julio Cesar Flores

    Instale Open Mandriva Lx – 2013.0.i586. No reconoce Impresora HP PSC 1400 All-in-One. Tampoco configura correctamente Teclado Genius Comfy KB/09e. Hay una Ayuda en el Sistema para solucionar esto?

    1. jcl vanier

      you might try the Spanish forum but it might be not very active. Please, open one thread by issue.
      Otherwise, you can try a forum in another language you might know.

      puede probar el foro español pero podría no ser muy activa. Por favor, abra un hilo por el tema.
      De lo contrario, puede intentar un foro en otro idioma se puede saber.
      (Usando GTranslate)

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