Nov 25 2013




Hello again!

We just finished a great get-together in Prague, with heads of all (almost, details come below) of the teams being present, and we had a very effective weekend!


1. Enormous thanks and love to Anurag Bhandari, who should have been with us, and was not there only due to stupid complicated paperwork things. We do appreciate you still presenting the infra surrounding and looking forward to presenting you fur-gloves:)  to survive cold Brussels @ FOSDEM! :)

2. OMA just presented it’s first release – and the teams can finally concentrate themselves on tuning the internal processes, improving the internal coordination, defining the roles and interactions more precisely.

3. We indeed missed those others, who could not come this time, and hope for more of us to be there next time: looking forward to you joining!!!!! (special hug this time to John Cave and Matt Dawkins – we are indeed sorry, that you are so far away!)

We need the processes being organized much better. Better rules to coordinate the efforts of all devoted people, us!:)

Within few days we will publish some ideas, how to do it best – outcome of the Prague brainstorming, where all of that was attended fully.

Please stay tuned and join the talk!

We are all – one!

yours, OMA


  1. jcl vanier

    I’d like to add that all of this would have not been possible without the help of the participants and members of OMA, their interest, devotion and great work AND without the help of Mr.Reiman.
    Thank you !

    Je voudrais ajouter que tout ceci n’aurait pas été possible sans l’aide et l’engagement des membres d’OMA et de tous ceux qui ont participé ET sans l’aide de M. Reiman.
    Merci !

  2. Nicolò Costanza

    Congratulations for the excellent organization, and the really brilliant idea!

    The most important thing of this meeting was not to discuss technical issues, I consider this secondary, but to get to know one another better and to get in tune, to feel like a big lovely family, and to have a better confidence on our future projects…

    Thanks a lot for all togheter spend nice days!

    I really Hope that this kind of experience will be repeated at regular intervals (and soon …)

    bye, NicCo

  3. Blackcrack

    if you finish with you your adulation and if it’s works not really
    and you stopping play in you Sandbox.. and if you are wake up ..
    Can you ask me if i help you, because, i know how it can build up
    an growing up Community .. and not only an “Club” who be 15-20 Peoples inside
    who can say anywhat . So, if you are also waked up, Tell it me, because..
    I get you an direction for this Distriebution.. with Community growing up !
    then i make the President for OpenMandriva and get an Direction for Growing up the community
    and anable it for have becoem more as 100 Members ..
    maybe do you have downloads, but you have not manny in you forum and not manny members.. how bad..

    so, have fun, for waking up ..
    and dont forgett, i be an neutral person and i was on it since
    version 6.0 as independent person& MDK Fan on MDK,
    and know what it is work and what not .. I dont make Big words, what i can or not ..
    but once i am know.. this, like it is now.. do it not works in the puplic and in
    the Communitys outside from Mandriva..
    Cince i have become with who Rapha told, “and the next ML mus be moderating !!”
    have i know.. this want not really grow up and do not works well ..
    But you are have .. no, diffrent persons had hold me out … an big fail …
    I have maybe not so cry what i can or not, but, i have silence many in my backpack ..

    so, Peoples, if you wake up.. ask me..

    and, p.s.:
    Rapha, if you abdicate , would be better for everyone, spezially for the whole Distriebution !
    if more faster it’s more better.. but it’s not good if any tell him, “Hold itHold it, you an nice Guy” but,
    take a look.. how works really, how many peoples it really attracts ? This Politik , this working .. not many !
    Stay you are to the Reallity ! it need an Change !

    so, if you are wake up.. tell it me ..

    best regards

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